Cultures throughout history have practiced healing water rituals. From baptisms, to cleansing rituals, to burials, to sustenance, water is used as a symbol for newness, reincarnation and life. As humans, our bodies are made up of 60% water, while the planet is made up of 70% water. Every droplet of water we drink today is 4.6 billion years old.

Water is a place of healing as well as a place of death. This is shown in the bodies of migrants who die in the Mediterranean, refugees who lose their life in the Pacific, death via dehydration at the US-Mexico border, while Hydroelectric projects in Latin America push indigenous peoples from their ancestral rivers. “Mni Wiconi”, Water is Life, was shouted by the Lakota in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. At the same time, water is essential to all life on Earth, the birth of every civilization, a place of healing, and the lifeblood of migration.

Join us in IMOX (ee-moh-sh), a 360 immersive experience as we embody a water droplet through its migration journey while it crosses the desert and encounters hostility at an unnatural border. Leaning on the memory of our origins as rivers and oceans, we call upon our histories to help us defy man-made forces of adversity that disrupts our journey.